Friday, February 04, 2005

It's Fridaaaaaay

I’ve been buried neck deep in Javascript and other ‘maintenance’ activities, and I almost forgot…Today is Unnecessary Shit day.

Since there is no visual for today (due to the fact that it didn’t even cross my mind until just now), here is some completely Unnecessary Shit I heard on the news last night. Neither example is funny, unfortunately, and both are actually pretty sad.

#1—It turns out that the Kansas Legislature has voted to officially ban gay marriage (yeah, I know, BIG surprise). Everyone knows that if two people of the same sex are married, it automatically gives them license to come fuck your kids and take all of the health and retirement benefits from the upstanding hetero folks. (I sincerely hope everyone recognizes the utter sarcasm in that statement)

They had blurbs from two ministers in town, one supporting and one opposing. The one supporting said something fairly innocuous and vanilla, but the other said this:

This issue is MUCH more important than any other tax, school funding, or deficit issue we face

Jeeeeeeee.Zus. My state sucks.

#2—Free Texas Hold’em at various sports bars and the like all over the city have been deemed illegal in an opinion issued by the office of the Kansas Attorney General.

This is nothing new to anyone, as I’m sure that any of the cities that you all currently reside in have something at least similar, if not identical, to this. The cops have been told they are basically free to bust any of these games should the mood strike them, because even if the bar charges a cover every single night of the week, it is still illegal to play poker because money is changing hands, even if it isn’t at the tables.

Man, I sure am glad we have such a fantastic state government. One that cares enough to protect me from degenerates pushing their habit onto me. (dammit, there’s the sarcasm, again)

Ack, this state bloooooows. I gotta move.

So there is your Unnecessary Shit. Hopefully next week it will be amusing instead of sad.

One Last Thing….

In my reading of The Poker Chronicles and the recent back and forth with another player from the WPBT on Wednesday, I started thinking. (I know, hard to believe considering the above drivel, but I swear I was. ) It would be cool to hear about how some of the bloggers who play for higher stakes got there. What levels did they start out with, what kind of roll, etc…hell, whatever stories they want to tell would be more than fine. I know vaguely how SirFWALGMan got up to where he was (and have also been glued to my screen due to his recent tumble and object lesson on tilting). I also very much enjoyed BadBlood’s backstory (Dec 26) when he officially became profitable.

I guess what I’m saying is that if any of the higher level players would like to disseminate some stories of small time days gone by, it would be quite well received by this $.50/1 micro-plebe. Or, you can just tell me to spend more time digging in archives because they’ve all been told already (if you do tell me this, give me a link, as it will be much easier on this lazy blogger).

OK, I’m stopping now. Stop by SirFWALGman to send him some positivity and wish him well, the dude is going through some rough shit.

Until next time, I’m striving to Think Big, and my head is Much Bigger.