Thursday, January 20, 2005

Ready for another 4?

Break out the Fear Factor puke bucket…It’s Inauguration Day. Come one, come all!

WARNING: Side effects may include transference of the inability to speak correctly, an increase in blundering, arrogant foreign policy, and the loss of even more of the freedoms that you take for granted.

Dubya and friends always puts me in a dark mood, sorry about that. I need some John Stewart, that’ll cheer me up.

It’s been a while, but insomnia sank it’s sharp talons into my skull again last night. It wasn’t too bad though, since I got to catch up on some 2+2 reading and do a little playing on Party. Enjoy this thread on responses for table coaches if you haven’t already seen it. I tried to implement some strategery (<--in honor of Dubya) and find some good tables, but the player counts were dropping faster than Paris Hilton’s drawers, so I only played for an hour or so (what is that, about 100 hands?) before I quit with a whopping 4BB profit due to lack of table juiciness and general lack of alertness.

Inauguration Update: They are handing out blue fleece blankets to all of the VIP’s so they can keep warm. If you’re a brainwashed serf attending this auspicious occasion….(begin Soup Nazi voice) NO BLANKET FOR YOU! That’s OK, being in such close proximity to the Ministry of Love should warm you plenty.

For those of you who may not have lately, get over and read DoubleAs last few posts. He presents a couple of NLHE conundrums that are worth some serious thought. Some of you, I’m sure, already have your tools at the ready to deal with the situations presented, but I sat there for quite awhile giving them my attention. Regardless, it will give your brain a bit of exercise during an otherwise mind-numbing workday.

Dammit, the phone keeps ringing off the hook and I can’t get the words to unificate on the page, so I’m going to cut this short and see if I can get boned up on some of the JavaScript that I have to get done for my next class.

Remember everyone, try not to be right or left. Think for yourself, and always try to Think Big.