Thursday, January 27, 2005

Just a few plugs..

Egads, it’s still January. Mommy, make the bad month stop. Between dealing with the tribulations of the month, school, and the corporate overlords, there has been NO time for poker. This obviously means no poker content today. Hell, I’m too beat to even go on a smallish rant of any kind. There’s still plenty of material, but as Otis might say, “I’m ill-equipped” at the moment.

Years ago, I went through A+ and Net + course materials but never actually took the tests to get certified. Not because they were difficult, mind you, I was simply unmotivated to do so and short on money at the time. The only actual certification I hold is a CCNA, which now that I’m thinking of it, is nearing it’s expiration. Fast-forward to my current corporate servitude. Some micro-brained non-tech from on high has issued a “directive” that all the SysAdmins should be A+ and Net+ certified by August of this year. That means two separate week-long boot camp sessions in Phoenix which is no big deal (refresher education is always OK, as long as it’s tech or poker), the problem comes with the news that they’ve cancelled my trip for the Cisco/Avaya bootcamp until FY ’06. Huh? What kind of numb-skulled idiot decides that A+/Net+ is more valuable than Cisco or Avaya? What a waste of time and money. And while my valuable training gets slashed for this year, tons of money is still being spent on ‘Ethics Training’ for the rest of the corporate monkeys. Okay, I’ll shut up now. It’s not like I’m the only worker bee out there with these frustrations, but sometimes you just gotta bitch a little, right?

A full-on congratulations goes out to Otis on his foray into fulltime writing. He’s living a dream that many of us have, and deserves every bit of it. I hope I get to actually meet him at a blogger event one of these days. For writing that is better than what you will find on these pages, go check out his posts on Up For Poker or on his personal blog. Good stuff.

Just in case it hasn’t been linked to enough and you haven’t seen it yet, get thyself over to AlCantHang’s L.A. Poker Classic auction. Show some support for a drunk hippie and get you piece of dat. I decided to go ahead and invest in an entire 3%! In my ever so humble opinion, better to gamboool on Al than the stock market.

Don’t forget, there is now less than a week until the next WPBT event on PokerStars. February 2nd at 9PM EST. $20+2 buy-in, password: thehammer. The money will be well spent, as you can rest assured that you’ll see some better dialogue than you would watching most movies, and unlike the MPAA, poker bloggers aren’t evil and are more deserving of the cash. So come one, come all!

Tune in tomorrow, as it will be Friday, and that means the second weekly installment of ‘Unnecessary Shit’.

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