Monday, January 24, 2005

January...Oy veh

Everyone knows the Counting Crows song, A Long December. I’ve decided that they were really talking about January, they just couldn’t use it because of the extra syllable.

I’ve always hated January. Many are uplifted by the New Year that it brings, and I am often confused by this positive attitude. Of course, positive attitudes have always confused me. I never once felt the urge to help “turn a frown upside down” or assist in diagnosing a case of the Mondays.

So, in honor of the month with no seeming end, let me try and make a case to persuade others to join me in shaking my fist at the January’s of our lives.

  • January, in most places, is the height of winter. It is more often than not an extremely depressing month, weather-wise.
  • Waiting for all of those damn W-2’s to come in. Taxes, in their role as one of life’s only two certainties, can never be done soon enough. I hate that monkey being on my back for any longer than necessary.
  • For those of you who, like myself, have the utter misfortune of being corporate worker bees, I hate the first of the year “hoo-rah” motivational conference calls.
  • There are 31 days in January, and boy, for some reason that extra day makes a REALLY annoying difference.

This week isn’t looking that great for poker, unfortunately. Work, sick dogs, more work, and a lot of schoolwork to round out this hellish 31 days. A pox on you, Midwest.

I won’t get in to the boring-ass details of my weekend poker any further than I already have, suffice to say it was decent, I guess. After gaining 17 BB’s on Stars Sunday morning, I got nailed in the afternoon for a net gain of 2 BB’s. I fared a bit better on Party, coming up 23 BB’s to get my free money roll up to a few cents short of $75. Yippee. But hey, it’s better than losing, that’s for damn sure. And even though I am not winning wild sums of money (yet), it’s good to know that I can hold my own over many hours in the no fold’em jungle that is low low limit.

Being the “gay” community that we are, we just got “gayer” (if indeed that is a word). The new WPBT site is up (built by PokerErrata) and looks great! With this bit of centralization, look for an extremely gay blogger event near you! We are fam-i-ly.....

Given the fact this week looks to be pretty hectic, don’t be too surprised if the posts are a bit intermittent. Then again, given the fact that I’m pretty OCD about posting (even if it is mostly worthless drivel), don’t be surprised if they keep coming regularly, either.

And regardless of how hectic things get, I will remain Thinking Big, while my head is definitely Much Bigger.