Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Lesson Reinforcement

Sorry there was no post at the usual time today, I had to work a full day today..don’t you feel sorry me? Meh. I had some stuff to rant about, but it will have to wait until Thursday as I have another full day again tomorrow. Please feel free to feel sorry for me again. Oh yes, and don’t forget I’m here. The posts will keep coming regularly, if not at the most regular of times.

Lately, I have done a really good job of not tilting when I get sucked out on, catch a bad beat, what have you. If I do start tilting too much, I have consistently had the presence of mind to stop playing until I stop steaming. But last night I found out an answer to a question that I never previously considered. Is it possible to go on tilt while watching someone?

In my case the answer seems to be a resounding YES. ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY.

Last night my wife decided to fire up a quick SnG since, of course, there was nothing but dogshit on the telly. $5 +.50 and the folks are playing horrid as usual. I usually enjoy watching her play, because she rarely ever does, and it’s also a good opportunity for me to try and exercise some self restraint by watching and not speaking (I’m VERY bad about jumping in with “the right play” instead of letting her play her game). On the fourth hand she picks up AQd UTG and raises to t100. Three callers and the flop comes 10 K J all hearts (dammit, so close to a royal). With her being first to act, she bets out the pot (t400) as a feeler, gets raised by the next to t834 (or some kind of weird shit like that), and everyone else drops. Now, I’m sure there are arguments either way on this one, but she felt (and I concurred) that the raise was kind of weak and generally strange, on the logic that if he had the flush, he simply would have called in an effort to get all of her money (I know, I’m probably giving too much credit for this level). So she pushed all-in and of course he goes in the tank for about 30 seconds and calls w/ a set of 10’s. You know what happens next, dear readers, as we have all been there a billion times (especially online). Runner-runner, and she’s knocked out first by the full house. It sucked seeing that, as she was 73% to win after that flop. But hey, that’s bound to happen and the guy wasn’t nearly as big a dog on that hand as I initially thought.

She agrees that it really sucks and proceeds to fire up a $10 +1 SnG. In the early levels she plays quite well and ends up tripling up when her AKs gets called to the end by A8s and AJo. Now she’s in good chip position, but misplayed JJ and lost a fairly healthy chunk, and also took a chance on a flush draw that left her with about starting (t1500) chips and the short stack. Now, during this time, there is one player who is making HORRID plays, i.e. calling all-in holding 66 with four overcardss on the board and hitting his set on the river. He did it a second time about 4 hands later with 88. Here is where I begin steaming a bit, as this offends my sense of justice when I see such odoriferous play being rewarded. The douche bag is now getting really cocky and starting to raise everything, while my wife’s chips are slowly but surely dwindling. Eventually she ends up with A10s in the BB (4 players and approx . t1400 in chips) and Mr. Lucky Sets min. raises from the SB, so she decided to make her stand here. He has K10s board comes nothing except a K on the river. TILT. SUPER MEGA FUCKING HIROSHIMA JESUS H. JUMPING JEHOSEPHAT CHRIST ON A CRACKER T. KIRK TILT. The thing that killed me was the fact that it was not a bad raise or call on his part considering the short handedness of the game and the dominating size of his stack, but where is the pendulum swing? Where is the justice?

Let me tell you where the justice is. It’s nowhere. There isn’t any. Especially not in this game. Somewhere far off I can still hear the poker gods chuckling and shaking their heads, as I have obviously not completely taken this lesson to heart, and like saddened parents, they have found it necessary to reinforce it.

There’s obviously still a very long road that lies ahead in this poker journey, but along the way you may rest assured that I will always be Thinking Big, while carrying the load that is my head (which is Much Bigger).