Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You Got Swined

(I've been monopolized over the last couple of days with errands and trying to give the Mrs. a break from the frenetic wunderkind. At least one of the pieces I thought would be ready by now just isn't, so in the meantime I thought I would try and jot down a few broad thoughts on the recent 'scare')

'Don't Panic' and 'Chill Out' signals are beginning to work their way to the surface. The collective breathes it's sigh and folks ease back to "normal" as fast as their minds will take them. While panic (even the perfectly warranted or understandable kind) should be avoided at all costs, chilling out to any great extent might not be the best idea. Things haven't been chill for nearly a decade, and become even less so with the passing of each day.

On 4/27 I wrote as a note on my shared items with this article:

Insider company with deep roots/history/connections, in another oops! moment at the same time coordinated national pandemic exercises are occurring or in the process of ramping up.

New Orleans style Beta Test, ramped up to the global level.

(yeah, yeah, I said ramped twice. Haste coments dernt make gut grammerz)

Beta Testing. Two little words that should be at least tickling the edges of all consciousness, even the most television-laden one. You've seen this before. Hell, you see/hear/read about it practically every day. It's all over the television, cinema, newspapers, and magazines; fiction and non-fiction alike blend into a seamless version of 24-hour Prime Time Apocalypse. The man on teevee adjusts the look on his face to match his serious tie and reads what someone else wrote while a parade of experts tut-tut about how the problem is that we just aren't letting the experts work, that they need more power and money tools to do their Very Serious Jobs and time is running just oh so short with all of the Global Warming Climate Change, Global Pandemic/Plague, Global Economic Collapse, and Global Intercontinental Super Extra Vicious IslamaChristoFundist Terror that is going to consume us all and most likely all at once in a raging Fiery Armageddon Finale. The version of the world presented to us is a nightmare Sesame Street, a delicious Pavlovian recipe of short and easily-digestible Fear Jingles blended smoothly for a long-lasting apathy with the great taste of learned-helplessness.

Psychological testing....testing...

For anyone just absolutely convinced that all of our systems and agencies and 'authorities' are here to help everyone, consider how many Declarations of Emergency there were in states and countries all over the world and just how fast all of the Serious National/International Institutions kicked into gear for less than 200 deaths over at least a few days. Now, consider that in just one day, over 100K die from starvation (the modern Orwellian term here is "Hunger Mortality"--mmm, just smell the wonderful sanitized and disinfected air provided by the scientific dictatorship. 72 degrees in your head, all the time.) . Where are the Emergency Meetings and Declarations for this? Where's the Benevolent Machine taking Bold Action (as they say) -- massive emergency funding of farms big and small? Where are the national and international pushes towards horticulture and the spread of heirloom seeds rather than harmful GMO? The truth of this disparity stares at us every day in various forms, but it has lived with us for so long very few see it any longer, if they ever saw it to begin with. There is no real concern for life in any form under this system other than the PR impression you're given. True support will be for Banks and Bombs and Officialdom in general with all of their cheap slogans and people uttering the same until morale improves and consumption increases again. The Official Gears moving so quickly on this one is indication of focused data collection exercises and the machine tuning itself for optimal herding in the future.

There are the reasons you're given, and then there are the real reasons.

And last, but certainly not least, while this may not have been "IT", you've been promised from all corners and in the most assured and certain terms that "IT" will surely happen soon. Lots of chaos cards to be played. It's like Go Fish in hell.

Don't panic, but don't just chill out either. This is Incrementalism in action. Remember it, because you'll surely be seeing some more of it very soon.