Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Ides of Spring

Perhaps it's the increasing appearance of the sun as spring pushes its way to the forefront. The fact that I'm finally finished with this year's self-incrimination ritual (the climax of which is always the same--I get robbed), has surely played its part. The reasons abound, really, but whatever they are--real or perceived--the current state of affairs has me itching to jump back into the pool and start peeing.

So to speak.

The last 2.5 years have been a period of massive personal deconstruction and redefinition (think more Rising of the Phoenix, less Madonna), and while that process is (and should be) ongoing, it's time for the new to emerge and engage.

I've started on teh twitters. Follow me, all ye faithful.

I got on the YouTubez. My channel is here, if you're so inclined. I haven't really done too much with it yet, but it's where any future John Wayne Gacy and Naked British Guy episodes will appear, if they do, and I will continue to slowly but surely add clips I'm fond of or that I feel are relevant as time goes on.

I've also been dragged into the outer circles of the Facebook cult, although I rarely attend. For the most part, it's simply another way for the more active cultists to feel the reach of my mental tentacles (mentacles?) without having to leave their virtual enclave. I pop in every now and again, run around and say hello, and that's that; staying too long makes me feel like an indentured hamster and/or like I've just made the decision to begin dabbling in heroin. Just a little here and there, that's how it always starts.

Besides, I was obligated to jump on, really. How disappointed would you be to look for me there and find well, I dunno...not me. I know I'd be disappointed-perish the thought. Life has enough disappointments without having them heaped on unnecessarily. (Editor's Note: Warning--as evidenced by the last few sentences, newly emergent Human Head may unintentionally come across as a pompous ass.)


Life with a child continues to be a fundamentally surreal experience. As we approach Anna's 14th month on the planet, the Mrs. and I find ourselves continually challenged, amazed, and generally worn the fuck out. The current phase? Separation anxiety. And boy howdy, it's a sunuvabitch.

Despite everything, though, there's no joy in this world quite like it.

(My baby loves her some Outkast)

As an example, did I happen to mention yet that she's a carnivore of the first order? I made some pulled pork last week and she ate nearly as much as I did, and did so at an astonishing rate of speed. It was one of those Greatest Ever moments that come along every so often (Greatest Ever being defined by the fact that it was completely and utterly unexpected). It is exactly these kind of Greatest Ever moments that make the whole experience the joy that it is and carries one through the more torturous (and indeed, they can be torturous) aspects of corralling a LittleBigBeast.


The slow ramp-up method seems to be working so far. I'm setting modest goals, initially, in looking for one post per week. If it goes better, that's great, but regardless, it's time to get out. Spring is here.