Friday, January 04, 2008

The Real Iowa Winner-Updated

"So corrupted indeed and debased was that age by sycophancy that not only the foremost citizens who were forced to save their grandeur by servility, but every exconsul, most of the ex-praetors and a host of inferior senators would rise in eager rivalry to propose shameful and preposterous motions. Tradition says that Tiberius as often as he left the Senate-House used to exclaim in Greek, "How ready these men are to be slaves." Clearly, even he, with his dislike of public freedom, was disgusted at the abject abasement of his creatures." [emphasis mine]

--The Annals by Publius Cornelius Tacitus, Book 3

So, here's the top five from each side of the fence:


Barack Obama: 38%
John Edwards: 30%
Hillary Clinton: 29%
Bill Richardson: 2%
Joe Biden: 1%


Mike Huckabee: 34%
Mitt Romney: 25%
Fred Thompson: 13%
John McCain: 13%
Ron Paul: 10%

All the Dems say, Obama Huzzah, Guiliani lost, even to nutso Ron Paul, Huzzah! All the Republicans say, Chuck Norris and The Huck, Huzzah! That bitch Hillary took a beating, Huzzah!

Of course, one could look at this chart from another perspective....


Barack Obama: 38% --CFR
John Edwards: 30% --CFR
Hillary Clinton: 29% --CFR
Bill Richardson: 2% --CFR
Joe Biden: 1% --CFR


Mike Huckabee: 34% --Chummy with Serious Advisors John Bolton (CFR), and Richard Haass (President, CFR)
Mitt Romney: 25% --CFR
Fred Thompson: 13% --CFR
John McCain: 13% --CFR
Ron Paul: 10%

Sovereignty and Globalisation
, and article from Mr. Haass, is as good a place as any to start for the hard of thinking. Kind of funny is it not, especially on the Repub side of the fence*, what with all of the "top tier" candidates talking incessantly about the importance of border security. It's not a lie, certainly, because lying would be bad. But perhaps they're referring to a North American border, rather than the US border?

*I'm not addressing the democratic side because the stated agenda of the CFR lines up very nicely with the particular Kumbaya flavor of Kool-Aid that they, by and large, consume with great gusto. And besides, everyone knows that Democrats are communist socialist surrender-monkey terrorist-loving white guilt baguette chomping homosexual America-haters, right? (haha, I got jokes)

And already, as is so easily done when speaking of these things, I'm deviating.

In examining the top Republican "choice" from Iowa, once again the "evangelicals" or "fundamentalists" or whatever you want to call them are once again having their great numbers, their primitive instincts, and their massive ignorance highlighted*. You'd think they would learn. I can only imagine the smug satisfaction that must be on display in the inner chambers of the Harold Pratt House.

*Again, for the hard of thinking, this could easily be applied to the Democrat adherents as well. For now, I'm simply focusing on the Red Pachyderms rather than the Blue Asses.

One of the central tenants of being an evangelical is that you are opposed to an all-encompassing international system of governance (one-world government) because the Bible clearly states that such a thing is a harbinger of the "end times", and thus "evil". And yet these good, salt-of-the-earth Christian folk line up like good lambs behind the new shepherd candidates they are given, especially the preacher. Because preachers are good people. They don't lie, they know lots of stuff, and preachers naturally commune with the Lord of Hosts on a much more regular basis. Never mind that the preacher in question (as well as the other candidates) have latched themselves onto the people who's agenda is the very antithesis of their "values".

(Christians, start your persecution complex engines now)

(Neoconservative security state idealogues, start your "But the terrorists..." engines now)

The point is not whether or not globalisation or one-world government (or whatever other name you give it) is a good or a bad thing. What does matter is that an organization as massively wealthy and influential as the CFR (being the offspring of the Royal Institute for International Affairs), with their stated and up-front agenda towards these very ends, owns virtually all the horses in this "democratic" race, where America will make it's next "choice", and that should be a problem for everyone, regardless of position, because it means that the "internationalist" agenda will go forward. The only difference will be in the details of its Liberal or Conservative implementation.

Not much of a choice, is it?

Democracy in action. Huzzah, indeed.

CFR wins! CFR wins! CFR wins!

Update: Added Link to Huck bullet. Also worth reading, Digby-Another Huckabee Lie. Indeed whether or not he's lying about his CFR connections, you can tell by his blather about those folks that he sure would like some.