Thursday, February 15, 2007

The scourge outside my window

At first it was only a couple of blacks, but the gang is growing and becoing more diverse. In just couple of weeks the gang has doubled and is now comprised of three blacks and a ginger.

They don't have jobs and spend all day roaming back and forth though the neighborhood getting into fights and being a general nuisance. Just because they think it fun, these four have taken to hanging out in the driveway and screaming. At 3AM. Every night.

I'm increasingly finding discarded bottles of Triple Pabst Lite Dog Piss in my yard.

The four were completely undocumented. I could just tell.

I moved toward them aggressively with exhortations to "Get the fuck outta here!" which didn't impress them in the least. These pricks obviously don't understand English.

So I resumed my aggressive posture and continued with an alternative "Consiga la cogida de aqui!" that I imagined would be understood.

Nope. They habla nothing and are accountable to no one--the ultimate in illegal.

Faced with no other options, I finally did what needed to be done and broke out the hose.

Stupid cats.

(This post brought to you by Hydrocodone, 15 mg)