Sunday, February 04, 2007

Getting Cut

The disc issues continue, and alas, so does the pain. I'm getting cut on early next week, and in delivering the news, the doctor's office informed me that until the surgery things such as ibuprofen are strictly verboten because they thin the blood and that's bad.

Basically, I'm stuck with the three T's. A tenns unit, Tiger Balm, and Tylenol. Here is a brief run down....

Tenns Unit--Many back injury sufferer's swear by these things, but I have yet to experience any meaningful pain-reducing results. It's not making it any worse, so I'm still using it just in case it suddenly decides to work some kind of transformative magic.

Tiger Balm--Simply is not the right tool for the job, as it is the heezy for muscle issues, but minimally beneficial for more serious issues. I use it anyway, because I love it, and it pisses off my dog which is always a good time. The suspicious look on his face when he hears the jar open is priceless.

Tylenol--Does this stuff work for anything? Seriously. I had less aches and pains before I started popping these.

Waiting eight more days like this is going to be a complete bastard. However, there should be some interesting post-surgery (read: narcotic haze) ruminations going on, so stay tuned.