Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Not putting titles on posts is fantastic. I had to do this one, but it may be the last for a while

I’m riding a huge wave of word tilt.

One of the toothpicks snapped today while under the ever-present barrage of crap news throughout the day. Here are today’s words that make me want to shoot myself (and/or maybe the jackass uttering the offensive stream of sound) in the face:



For fuckssake you stupid politicos, media pundits, and corporatica (making words up is fun) stop making me hate my language. I’m at a loss right now trying to think of –ersity words that are good. University? Bleh. Biodiversity. Putting “bio” in front of an awful word does not make it suck less. Bioadversity? Nope, still didn’t work. Now that I have tried twice, I declare the above assertion to be scientific fact. There is perversity (had to look that one up to be sure). I like this definition I found: .Marked by peevishness or petulance. Cranky.

My perversity knows no bounds.

I changed my mind. Not all –ersity words suck, just most of them. At least they’re than 3 syllables, I gotta give’em that. (I have to give them some credit because after all, words are diverse too, and we wouldn’t want such wondrous and snowflake-reminiscent differences to not be highlighted into the fucking ground.)

Now I’m going to try and convince that bastard Jack to give me something from his Box.