Monday, February 13, 2006

Medals on the rearview

I used to love the Olympics when I was younger, especially the Winter Olympics in spite of the fact that I hated winter in the general sense (and still do). Following a very disappointing 4th quarter in Pistons/Heat game where I swear to great jebus they fucked me out of my 20 spot intentionally, I flipped over the channel in an effort to assuage my dismay and recapture some of that old time Olympic excitement.

Then I saw the medals.

I remember seeing a news report some time back when the committee was announcing and showing off the design of these things. I remember making some offhand comment about how silly they looked and proceeded to promptly forget about it. Yesterday’s trip over to NBC reminded me and proceeded to re-disappoint because they look even worse when hanging off of someone’s neck. How did no one speak out about this? Truly yes-man-groupthink at work. It’s like witnessing junior high all over again, when no one could afford a proper medallion and ended up stealing cheesy household items or hood ornaments to wear.

I stepped outside this morning and thought for a brief moment that every Mexican in my neighborhood scored a rash of second place finishes. I wonder what events they were in? And how did they get back to the Midwest so fast? Oh wait, those are CD’s hanging from the various rearview mirror’s! Of course! They just looked so much like the silver medals…….

With that in mind, I wonder if my neighborhood Mexican brethren are pissed at having their style usurped by the IOC designers? If this keeps going, the next thing we’ll see is the retirement of Medals altogether. All contestants will now receive Old English style decals noting their placing and event to put in the back window of their vehicles.

Stupid Olympics. Get your own damn style and give us a decent medal design.

I still haven’t heard a damn thing about the new job, which doesn’t have me in very high spirits at the moment. I nearing the point where I just say fuckit, drop everything and just go somewhere, let the chips fall where they may. This incessant torture-by-waiting game is goddamn ridiculous.

I guess I’m going to have to rescind my patent-pending wily nilly sportsbetting strategy I was going with, as this weekend proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that such a thing is only fun in the very short term. My parlays were for shit, and I’ll say it one more time…stupid goddamn Pistons. I’m still up, but not by much anymore. Thankfully there’s always the poker to go back to.

The job situation is driving me into over-the-top anxious territory making it difficult to write much, so this is it for me today. My grandfather used to always say, “Tomorrow is another day.” Well, duh. What I really want to know is will it be better?