Monday, February 28, 2005

Sell vitamins instead

First off, many apologies for the lack of regular poker content. It seems that over the last few weeks I have been unable to put together more than three posts in a row with any kind of poker insight. I just haven’t had the energy to play. I suppose I could jump on for a few hands and a short session, but to me it’s just not worth it. If I can’t give it my best effort, it’s just not worth doing. Besides, being tired and playing poker makes me VERY susceptible to tilt and bouts of loud swearing, which Mrs. Head frowns upon. The loud part, not the swearing.

The entire day today has seen me shuffling back and forth between elation and apprehension. Why? Iggy and Hank have written an eBook on power using PokerTracker. I’m elated because I’ve wanted PokerTracker for a while, but kept putting it off because I knew I wouldn’t have hardly any time to devote learning about it’s power. This book pretty much gives me no excuse not to have it now.

Then why did you say you were apprehensive, as well?

Because for some reason the thought of forking over the $75 total for the program and eBook keeps activating the “stingy, reticent, cheap-bastard” part of my brain. Why? Who the hell knows. After dropping over two bills in the last two weeks on DVD’s, you’d think I’d be jumping at the chance to get a hold of a tool that will certainly help make me more money. Part of me is jumping, but it’s doing battle with that cheap bastard from across the brain. I know I’m gonna get it, it just may take a few days to beat that stingy guy into submission.

Man, it sure was hard to go to work today. While doing schoolwork all morning (with more in store this evening) with the usual stream of morning show drivel in the background, I found out at 11AM that I could be making $12000 per week selling vitamins! Not just any vitamins….wait for it……The world’s BEST vitamins.

Man, after deciding to change careers about 3 years ago (in an effort to make the leap from IT dabbler to full-on), it sure is disappointing to know I’ve been balls-to-the-wall trying to learn anything and everything I.T., when I could have been drinking pina coladas while watching people go to my prebuilt website to buy vitamins and make me rich. Dammit, always a day late and a dollar short………

Oh well, I’ll get the next one. Now where in the hell did I put that Carlton Sheets number? Perhaps he’s still willing to make me rich for 4 easy payments of $69.95…