Saturday, January 01, 2005

Armed for the New Year

On a whim today, I decided to take my Dad up on an offer to head out to the gun show with him. Normally, I avoid these things like the plague since my tolerance for being around long beards, camouflage, and constant talk of “stopping power” is low. However, I have been wanting to purchase a gun for the house so that when I have to go away on business I’ll feel better about leaving my wife here alone, so off I went. I ended up getting a very respectable Ruger P90 .45 Special Edition at a good price, and am getting itchy to go shoot some stuff next weekend. I almost bought a really nice Sig Sauer .45, but it cost about $300 more, so I passed on it lest I catch a shit avalanche.

My inner senior citizen took over again last night, and instead of ringing in the New Year, I slept it in. I began the evening with some poker and the best intentions imaginable. After firing up Party to try and run up my free cash some more, I decided to jump into a step 1 tournament. I’m not sure what got into me, as that isn’t the smartest of moves considering the fee took nearly 25% of my free money. I played well down to 4 people, then a bit of disaster. The nutjob to my left who had been playing crazily the entire time, got his stack knocked down to t175. He goes all in on the next hand with AK (because of course my SS opponents get great cards and flops) and doubles up. Next hand, he pushes again, with what, AK of course. Double up again. Now it’s my BB (I have t1500 and get Q10s) and he pushes again. I figure at this point he is simply being an ass like he has been the rest of the game so I call. What do you know, AK again. AK 3 times in a row and hit every single board. Down to about t600, I have one more orbit before I have to push, and end up with AK in my BB a few hands later, so I push. Only Mr. Nutjob calls with/82o, and of course he wins with a turn 8 and a river 2. Ugh. No tilt though, I played well, except perhaps for the call with the Q10 for 2/3 my stack. Anyone think that was the wrong decision? I wonder how long the odds were to get 3 AK’s in a row and have them all hit. Oh well.

After that I jumped into a PL game, and blinded off about $2.50 before my parents stopped by with some belated Christmas presents, so I decided to quit since I didn’t seem to be getting any cards anyway. Most times I am of the mind, “If you fight and run away, you’ll live to fight another day” if I feel like the cards are not coming. Especially on Party, where things seem especially streaky. I know this is not reality, but perception is a powerful thing.

After the p’s left, I watched Spiderman 2, and was once again disappointed. Growing up, I was a rabid Spiderman comic collector and fan, and I have been fully let down by both movies. IMO the problem with them is they try to have a cheesy comic feel to them, and at the same time try to funny, dramatic, and action packed all at the same time, and succeed in doing NONE of these things well. It simply ends up being an over glossed, big budget, special effects laden piece of crap. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t waste your time, seriously. Rent Hero, instead. How that movie did not get more attention is beyond me. Perhaps there are even more people with illiterate tendencies out there than I had originally suspected? Stupid subtitle haters.

Our home game tonight should provide some interesting fodder for tomorrow. It’s been about two months since we had one, but I fear we are going to be shorthanded anyway, so it should be double interesting since we are going to play $20 max NL ring instead of the usual $5 tourney format.

I was honestly going to try and write something profound about my goals for the new year where poker is concerned, but I honestly haven’t had very much time to think about it fully. So for now I’ll just hitch my wagon to one of Maudie’s resolutions: To add at least one more digit to my bankroll. The post drunk wilderness I’ll be wandering in tomorrow should provide ample opportunity for some New Years profundity, so check in with me later.

I’ll shut up for now, leaving one resolution I should be able to keep, and one that I will definitely be able to keep.

Should: Keep Thinking Big
Definite: Have a Head that is Much Bigger