Friday, January 05, 2007

New Year, New Pro's

Typical to the start of a New Year, the first week back to work has been thoroughly nuts. There’s something about the Christmas and New Year holidays that causes folks to forget how everything functions within a work environment and, per usual, the entire first week back is spent rebuilding normal routines and practices in the effort to recapture the normalcy of the environment that existed only a few weeks before.

It’s as if, in an effort to punish the humans that went on holiday and didn’t give them enough attention, the infernal machines hold their most inconvenient breakdowns for that first week when everyone comes back in order to cause maximum headache.

Now that the back to work dust has finally begun to settle, it’s back to the fun stuff.

Many congrats to all the folks that will be starting this year with well deserved new blogging digs.
Speaker, Maudie, Change100, and Calistri all joining Linda’s burgeoning poker press empire, and the almighty Drizz blogging over at Keep Your Poker Face.

It may be old news by now, but congrats to all nonetheless.

We now return to the regularly scheduled political program, already in progress.