Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Recent Favorites

I just got GZA’s Legend of the Liquid Swords and you should too—if you’re into that rap stuff. I’m not sure if my boredom with rap is simply a product of ever increasing age or if it really has been mostly crap for the last decade, but Knock Knock from this album is the first rap to get me excited since Kanye’s College Dropout album (NOTE: The two are not at all similar).

Also, on the must see list, is Jim Gaffigan. This guy does not get the props that he deserves. He just had a special on Comedy Central called “Beyond the Pale” that all people should make it a point to watch. Absolutely hilarious. It shouldn’t be too hard to see since Comedy Central has a penchant for replaying programs approximately 840,000 times, unless it’s My Cousin Vinny, and then you can easily double that conservative number. Gaffigan’s special is on DVD, and I’m not sure if it’s censored or not, but nearly the same routine is on his CD, Doin’ My Time, which is not edited and is pure comedy joy.

UFC: Couture vs. Liddell 3 is this weekend, so if the Super Bowl is a dud all will not have been lost. If you’re not a fan of UFC or know little about it, then Saturday would be a good time to start—this is the biggest fight so far in their history. I don’t think it will happen, but I’m hoping Couture can pull out the win. He’s old (42), but if he doesn’t win this fight that will pretty much be it for him. It’s something he’s acutely aware of, which I think might give him that little bit extra necessary to pull it out. Then again, Liddell loves his title and loves to fight, and he not even close to the type that will get lax just because he’s on top. While good arguments can be posited for both sides, I will do the usual and wait to see the looks on their faces on the way to the ring before I really decide. I was able to accurately call the first two fights with this method, so hopefully my method will continue to be accurate as I just may put some money on this one.


Oh happy day! After weeks of tense waiting, I finally got the call for a second interview for the position in Phoenix. I was so pumped I nearly broke out in showtunes, and I don’t even know any—I was just going to make some up on the spot. The interview happens on Friday, and supposedly the guy will be making a decision over the weekend. Then again, he said during the first interview that he planned on having someone in place by the end of the month. Considering how that one went, I’m trying not to get my hopes up. I need a consistent weeks worth of good juju sent my direction, because if I don’t get this thing I just may have a breakdown of some sort. There have been very few times in my life when I’ve invested this much effort into a thing, and on none of those occasions did I fail in my endeavor. Now would not be a good time to break precedent.

Must. Escape. Midwestern. Prison.


Apologies for all of the poker complaining yesterday, there was just no avoiding it. While some have the ability to internalize a good beating and move on, I have to let that shit out. If the poisons aren’t released I’ll be on tilt until I finally burst. There needs to be some sort of tilt-spongy tablet. It could be like an Alka-Seltzer, but containing THC, valium, and a variety of anti-depressants. Have a Tilt-B-Gone tablet and stop caring so much about the beats! You’ll sleep like you did before you knew how to play!