Monday, January 30, 2006

Damnable Games

After a good day of writing on Friday I was in a mood to fire up the poker machine. Four hours later, I was no longer in the mood. TILT. Here’s how five consecutive SnG’s went…

Bubble time, 4 players left. This is nice, I am the chip leader. Short stack pushes, I call, short stack is dominated (i.e. AK v A7). Short stack wins, continues pushing with dominated crap, keeps winning. I’m short, push with decent hand, former short stack either calls with pure shite and wins or now has hand that dominates mine and wins. I bubble.

Dominated. Every. Time.

It’s the closest I have ever come to hurling the laptop through the television. I am so NOT immune to tilt and I’m evidently getting no better at it. Hell, I’m not even in the same geographic area as the tilt immune.

I was feeling ugly enough (or on the precipice of) to forget about poker for the rest of the weekend. Will I ever get used to the oftentimes soul-crushing nature of this damnable game? During times like these, I wonder. My intellect tried in vain to sit my emotions down for a talk about numbers and the “long run”, but all the intellect got for the effort was a beat-down, storm off, door slam. So much for that. How much would it cost, do you think, to have my emotions assassinated? Might be worth the expense, methinks.


So, it’s nearly Super Bowl time, and I think I’m actually going to try and watch it this year (much to the dismay of Rachel). Here is what I wish for the Super Bowl even though I know it will never happen. I want a football game. JUST a football game. I know that this wish is pie in the sky stuff, but I would be happy to see the pendulum at least beginning to swing back in that direction. If this year ends up being another MTV marketing extravaganza then I am pledging to boycott the Super Bowl in my house for the rest of my time on this planet. I was never a rabid football fan to begin with, but seeing the actual competition become ever more secondary to soulless marketing makes me intolerably sad.

Yes, it’s one of those days, and all signs point to it being one of those weeks.