Thursday, August 04, 2005

Turbo Trial Run

I’m still here! Don’t try to deny it, I know both readers were worried.

Today will be my last day doing inventory BS at work, for a little while anyway. After nearly two weeks of becoming intimately re-acquainted with all of the PC’s, Monitors, routers, switches, etc., etc. in my workplace and their attendant serial numbers, I’m very close to being fully extricated from the asset quagmire.

Remember the vomiting reaction to seeing violence in A Clockwork Orange? That’s me, just replace the violence with color-coded spreadsheets and watch me turn into a blubbering mess. Yeesh.

Thanks to an attack of insomnia last night I actually played a bit of poker. Things started out with the usual of nasty suckouts, so I decided to switch over per Mourn’s advice and mess around with a Turbo SnG for a change of pace. The one time I tried these before made me want to shoot myself, but this time I went in with a more realistic gambling perspective. This stuff is old hat for most/all of you, but damn, people playing like large-type small-brained mammals out of the gate. Call large pre-flop bets and push if you get any piece of it, crazy stuff. I lost about half of my stack with a nasty beat, got over-anxious and busted in 7th. Not good.

I immediately jumped into another one, and of course immediately lost half of my stack when I had to lay down my top two pair to a river that put a 4th spade on the board (my KJ had no spades, of course). This time, I actually adjusted. I didn’t get overanxious and ended up winning by capitalizing on the passive and scared play of my opponents when the blinds got big and we got close to the money. It’s relieving to be able to say that my game is not completely for shit.

I’ve got a tone of notes about things I need/want to write about, but they’ll have to wait. I’m kind of having the same difficulties as Maudie, due to my problem of work and other miscellaneous projects sucking down my life-force like 2-year old set loose in a vat of Koolaid. However, all of this has finally pushed me into doing something I’ve been meaning and needing to do for some time now….get back into the gym. I’m heading out Saturday to join and I think it will do a lot for my state of mind; I miss those endorphins.

I don’t look forward to the initial two weeks back, though, where I get to play the part of Fatty McGee getting used to the routine again.

I like the staaaaaaiiiiiiirrrrrrrsssss, eeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhh.