Thursday, July 28, 2005

Tiny Whine

WCOOP 50 FPP qualifier last night, 39th place out of 600, and I’m having mixed feelings about it. It’s the deepest I’ve made it into a tournament in some time and considering how sporadically I’ve been sidling up to the virtual tables as of late, I know that I shouldn’t be too unhappy because it’s not like my game is super sharp at the moment. But goddamn, when that variance whore is constantly striking you down even as a 4 to 1 favorite, it’s difficult not to turn into a fucking grumpy bastard about it. Let’s not even get into the coin flips.

Poker = That crazy unpredictable mood-swingy bitch that I can’t help but go back to time and time again. One of these days when I’m stronger, I’m going to leave her for good.

Oh, who am I kidding, she’s got a hammerlock on my ass. [/whine]

That’s it for today. Now I must return to asset inventory reconciliation, fun stuff. (Geez, just saying those 3 words makes me die a little inside)