Monday, July 11, 2005

Main Event Mania

……is fully upon me. During the last six weeks I would jump on Pauly’s site maybe once or twice a day. I wanted to know what the hell was happening, but now that the Main Event is upon us I’m like some kind of vulture hitting refresh every 4 minutes as though I expect updates with such rapidity.

I viewed most of the WSOP 2004 on the new DVD’s that were just put up for sale (a giant WORD the fuck UP to Joaquin for the heads-up on getting a free copy). I had seen most of the episodes before, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Getting to watch all of the episodes in order was quite a treat, because when they would air I was never sure quite where they were and spent all my time wondering what I may have missed.

The bonus disc was the second, and consequently the biggest, treat. It was extremely heartening to find a bonus disc that wasn’t chock full of shite. This came with several other final tables, including the Kansas City Lowball final table which I had not seen (did they even air it?) and found to be a great pleasure to watch. It also has the Tournament of Champions so now I can watch Annie Duke putting Phil on tilt as many times as I want.

IMHO, if you’re a poker fan at all you should go ahead and order this set. Try getting a 3-disc set of any other TV show for $20, you’ll be hard pressed to do so. I’m sure anyone reading here already knows or has a copy already, but just in case…

Iggy has a great new Uber-post that is responsible for me wasting over half of my workday today, go check it out. If he ever stops those I will be completely beside myself.

I actually played a little bit of poker last night, woohoo! This weekend I had to pull down a bunch of ivy off of our house because we’re getting it painted. Stupid ivy rivered me though. Chiggers (or some other buried nasty) got all over my left leg, so while I sat moaning and itching on the couch last night after spraining my big toe (can you tell it was a great weekend?) I decided to bring up a .50/1 table and go to town for a while. I two-tabled for about 30-40 minutes and left with a profit of 17BB’s. Not a huge monetary win, but it was nice to actually have a winning session since thee few that I have played since Vegas have all been little losses.

I’m getting the poker bug again. Thank God.