Friday, April 20, 2007


Not to be confused with the "fif" of May. One two three fo FiiiiiiF!

My dad used to always like saying, "The days go slow, the years quick." I'll admit it--I also like saying it. However wise and thoughtful it may or may not sound or be, it certainly feels wise and thoughtful when you say it, not to mention apt thanks in no small part to the largely oppressive grind of the lifeless corporate slog. Thinking about it just now, it occurred to me that I haven't said it for quite some time because the days are disappearing faster than a line of coke in front Rick James.

Seriously, what the fuck happened to this week, this month, and for that matter, the last six months? Good Christ.

I currently have an alien growing in my head, specifically in the left sinus cavity. Although I can't confirm the presence of an actual alien embryo in there, I can confirm the presence and constant flow of a grotesque and very alien amniotic fluid. Copious, lingering amounts.

The Alien Pregnancy Preparation Spore (tm) originated in my (formerly) ghetto-ass "deck", which I'm only now starting to realize is really just a miniature infected starship that bolted itself to my house and began peeling and cracking until such time I could no longer help but start with the scraper and wire brush. Lulled as I was into complacency (with respect to alien infection) coupled with an ignorance of the "Valley Fever" that seems a product of breathing the dust here, I brazenly thought breathing protection unecessary.

Now that I seem to be at the peak of alien amniotic production, I find myself wondering if something is going to fly from the trash can, attach to my face and start slamfucking my nose--awesome, then I'll be pissed off and alien pregnant for real.

I'm finally done repainting the starship. Maybe now whatever vicious life-form gave me this horror of an infection will take pity and give me an antidote.

Hey, it's less ghetto than it used to be. You know, they is some po' folks in the world. Can I get fired for that? No way, dude. I've got a patriotic soccerball.

Got a new SLR, mostly for Rach. Been playing with that, as well.

I know it's panzified to include dog pictures on one's blog, and it's largely true. But I don't care who you are, that's a goddamn cute grumpy dog.

Recently Completed Reading:

War is a Racket: Anti War Classic by America's Most Decorated General--Smedley D. Butler
Jim Tucker's Bilderberg Diaries--Jim Tucker (AFP)
The Great Shark Hunt: Strange Tales From A Strange Time (The Gonzo Papers, Volume I)--Hunter S Thompson

Currently Reading:

Rule By Secrecy--Jim Marrs
Murder in Samarkand--Craig Murray

On Deck:

Songs of the Doomed: More Notes on the Death of the American Dream--Hunter S. Thompson
Generation of Swine: Gonzo Papers Vol II--Hunter S. Thompson
Confessions of an Economic Hitman--John Perkins
Crossing the Rubicon
--Michael C. Ruppert

So that's that, for now. Time to celebrate FoTwenty.

Who am kidding? I already started--cheers.