Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bits of Terror

Ready to get your escalation on?

While the propaganda services churn out all manner of inane stories designed to keep people reminded of the ever-present threat of terrorism through staged crises such as smelly air and the all consuming dangers of sprinkler parts, here is some of the real terror that's been ignored.

Bangor makes it illegal to smoke in the car

The architect of Bush's plan (to be announced tonight) is the same guy who advocates nuking North Korea. Because when you use nukes, everyone wins!

US and Israel are still trying to find a way to nuke Iran.

US nearly has the oil. And people wonder why Bush won't call Iraq a miserable failure and blunder. For the elites and their pals, Iraq is a resounding success.

China increasingly well positioned to profit from upcoming North American merger/takeover

Savannah uses time-tested corporate incentives to motivate police

Made the jump over to a MacBook Pro yesterday. Since exorcising television from the house, a departure from the aging PC seemed in order. Thanks, Shelly, for the push over the edge. Now, to reconfigure my brain to use the thing.