Friday, December 01, 2006


“Why should they be allowed to use my pipes?”

Axing online poker was just the first of many small steps, folks. It is yet another “benefit” of the marriage between monolithic corporate entities and our government. The only regulations being laid down are those that protect and increase profits, not to enhance public knowledge or welfare.

Why won’t Congress sign a Net Neutrality bill into law?

Why is the FCC holding private meetings with bankers?

The above links are simply primers that will hopefully pique your interest on this subject--you should be VERY interested because this WILL effect you.

I work with this stuff—believe me when I say that QoS, while certainly having legitimate usefulness, will become the bane of your existence if this is not stopped.

I’ll likely be posting massive commentary of my own on this subject in the near future, but this post should get you started down the path of doing your own research.

Will you let these people legislate chains around what is arguably the last truly free space in our world just so you can have DRM-laden TV programming on your computer? Are we people so frightened and childlike that we need this parenting from corporations and governments skipping hand-in-hand through rainshowers of our money?