Friday, December 15, 2006

Arizona State Traitors

A new poison is currently being seeped into the hearts and minds of ASU college students as one of the North American Union tentacles reaches into this state. Witness the newest tool to win (read: dull over) minds in the continued push for the destruction of our sovereignty. ASU is making their play as an early adopting Judas in order to be better situated once the coming structural changes are complete.

After being made aware of the new ‘Building North America’ portal, it didn’t take many clicks to become wholly upset at what is flaunted in front of our very eyes as the (supposedly) next prudent and necessary step.

From the ‘
About Us’ page:

“The links, documents, and other materials on this site have been selected, organized, and in some cases designed to advance teaching and research on North American regional integration.”

Seems as though I’ve heard “regional integration” stuff somewhere before…..(for those perplexed at the sarcasm, the easiest thing for you to do is begin searching for Lou Dobb’s clips and articles on the issue of the North American Union, as he is one of few mainstream people just beginning to scratch the surface of this issue.)

Moving to the ‘Who We Are’ page:

"The “Building North America” project began with a website, originally launched in 2000 and hosted by the Americas Society-Council of the Americas, which provided links (with editorial comment) to hundreds of sites of interest to the growing community of “North Americanists.” This site was inspired by the notion that economic integration in the NAFTA Triad (Canada-U.S.-Mexico) was advancing despite the lack of press and public attention it received, and that a presence on the web would allow those of us in the Triad countries, and beyond, to “link up” to a growing body of research and, by extension, to one another as professional colleagues in the academic, business, and policy worlds. In this same vein, the PanAmerican Partnership for Business Education launched a consortium of four North American business schools to promote a new generation of entrepreneurs with a deep knowledge of these integration trends in the region, while also generating more research and case studies regarding how businesses, governments, and organizations were shaping, and adapting to, the evolution of a shared economic space."

This is so big it’s difficult to even know where to begin, so headfirst we shall go.

Partner #1: The Americas Society is another wonderful policy and propaganda machine brought to us by his eminence, David Rockefeller. (Please see notable corporate members and Board of Directors—all of which are verifiable through multiple sources.) How do I make this charge? Go back to the ‘Who We Are’ page and take a close look at the bottom section under ‘Partners.’ Also for your consideration is the following quote from Mr. Rockefeller's Memoirs:
“Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as internationalists and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure, one world if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty and I am proud of it.”
Partner #2--
NACTS (from the main page):

“The center supports the efforts of scholars whose work contributes to the development of innovative theory, public policy, and practices related to border issues. A primary goal is to provide significant information and research analyses to both the public and relevant policymaking bodies in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, regarding the unique challenges associated with border regions. NACTS aims to have an impact on global considerations of border issues by contributing a uniquely collaborative North American research-based perspective.”

Partner #3--
Kansas City International Affairs and Trade Office (from the front page):

“The office collaborates with a wide variety of regional partners as it works with directors of Economic Development, Chambers of Commerce, Shippers, Port Authority directors, government leaders, tourism industries and international study centers at universities across the globe.”

Perhaps you weren’t aware that in the glorious new North American Union,
Kansas City is slated to be a customs port.

Go ahead, read through all of the “academic” drivel on the site. Seems there are a great many big things happening for governments, multinational corporations, and other various foreign entities. Of course, the “commonly held wisdom” is that it will consequently be good for American individuals, as well, even though said individuals are only couched in the most vague and unsubstantiated terms.

North Americanist? Growing community of? I think not. True, this “community” may be growing but I am not, nor will I ever be, a part of it. The reasons are personal and otherwise. To begin with, it seems that most of the memberships in said community are multinational corporations, members of an obscenely wealthy elite class, and bootlicking academic and government officials. I am none of these. However, I can certainly articulate what I am—American, as in United States citizen. Not North American and certainly not a North American with the added “ist” or any variation thereof to include the “Pan” prefix. Any plans or push to “integrate” America or degrade what it is in any way is hands down a treasonous act.

Section 10 of the Constitution:

“No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.”

The academic articles on the ASU website sure did mention 9/11 and security ad nauseum. That date continues to hold its position as a massive excuse for ignoring any other relevant or pesky “details.”

There has been no consent of Congress (other than that which is subserviently implied), no public debate. SPP agreements have already been signed and now it’s time for the universities to begin the academic propaganda push. It was the same during NAFTA, which should have been a treaty but was instead pushed through as a law. Spend a bit of time on Chapter 11 of NAFTA. The US law implementing NAFTA essentially makes US interests beholden to the more "international" NAFTA law. To get it through as the treaty it should have been would have required a 2/3 majority vote of Congress--that would have never passed so it was pushed through as a law, winning 51-50.

I am a free individual who claims the rights granted to me by the founding document of our country. You will see me expire before you ever hear me referring to the Constitution as
“antiquated” or “a goddamn piece of paper.” Statements like these should offend our deepest sensibilities and it is a daily shame on our people that it evidently does just the opposite as this beast of a concept rolls ever toward us.

The kids in college are the last chance to hang on to what little there is left of what we are. The poison of elitism and of the soulless and mindless corporate mindset is now being fed to eager youth as inevitable truth. The fact that personal identity is being increasingly crushed (a subject for several posts in and of itself) makes the stripping of national identity just that much easier.

Back to the original thrust….

For those who remember it’s inception, wasn’t NAFTA supposed to be this fantastic and wonderful thing that would lift our economy as well as the Mexican economy? If it did achieve its ostensible aims, why is the Mexican economy still in ruinous shambles with our own economy treading down the same path as
we stand before China with hat in hand and continue to fight multiple pre-emptive, elected, and illegal wars? The Mexican economy has always written the manual on what it is to be intrinsically corrupt (read: bribes are the only way anyone will ever get out of Mexican jail--one of many examples of its institutionalized corruption) and we’re making plans to integrate with them? Ask any Arizonan or Texan who is not a soul-selling politician how they feel about the massive illegal immigration flood and the consequent push for mass amnesty. Ask Sheriff Joe (or other sheriffs) how he feels about illegal immigration and what it’s doing to this state alone—there’s a reason he is continually re-elected. There are still a great many people who want their nation defended and he is one of the few who is actually trying to do so.

Don’t worry, though. A couple of runs through the ASU training mill should take care of that problem soon. It won’t belong before these youth begin expressing their academically instilled outrage at those who refuse to take part in the
grand and forward-thinking North Amercanist exercise. Most of the dumbed-down “adult” population will probably cry out for it as well but for different reasons. Once the stock market makes its inevitable massive correction taking the dollar completely to the floor, most will likely cry out for, and receive with open arms, the Amero. After all, it will be the only thing that could possibly save us while at the same time ensuring our “future economic prosperity” and simultaneously retain an increased focus on the security enhancements “necessary” in this new “post 9/11” world.

Any person with more than a fourth-grade familiarity with the founding documents of this country should be realizing that this, at its very least, is not government ‘by the people’ or ‘for the people.’ There has been no public debate, all of these things and many more have been largely passed over in reporting, and is rife with thinly veiled secrecy. Are you feeling apprehensive yet? Do you feel the distinct urge to look away, lest you be poisoned by cold reality?

Big Worm from
Friday said it best, “Playing with my money is like playing with my emotions, Smokey.”

And make no mistake, there are a LOT of people playing with our money. But hey, it could just be that I am as "antiquated" as the document I swore to defend.