Friday, July 14, 2006

Does it have to be over already?

It’s three (or four?) days later and I can’t believe it’s over already. Seriously, how did it fly by so fast? The answers (drinking, sleep deprivation, drinking, gambling, and some more drinking) are obvious, but knowing the answers leaves me no less flabbergasted.

I’m finding it difficult to write about this, our (mine and the Mrs.) third drunken gathering. Try as I might, accurately conveying the enjoyment of getting together with everyone seems futile and done in much better fashion by others. With that in mind, I’m eschewing the standard trip report in favor of keeping it simple.

The trip kicked ass. They all have, and I expect the next one to be no different. If anyone reading this hasn’t made the pilgrimage, don’t repeat the mistake when the next opportunity comes around. Show up to the next and be reminded that there are still some people in this world who don’t suck.

Even though I didn’t play any poker on the trip (favoring instead massive –EV silliness), I’m happy to report that I’m back online playing a bit of poker with some shockingly decent results considering how long it’s been since I’ve logged on. However, I’m fully expecting the poker gods to begin taking the 2x4 to my junk very soon.

Moving is going to happen on the 25th, so things will remain sparse here until that’s complete and all of the loose ends are tied up. I will try to keep sneaking in for a post here and there when I can, though.

It’s 4 AM, 102 degrees. Daytime conditions are less than optimal, to be sure. Yesterday (or is it today? Hard to keep track on 3rd shift) I nearly stuck my head in the oven because it was cooler than peeking out the back door. It is making the dogs look as though they’re losing the will to live, which is amusing/sad because it’s impossible to explain the situation to them given they have brains the size of a Brazil nut.

Temps like these make me think that my brain may be the size of a Brazil nut, as well, considering we moved here of our own accord. I know, boo-fucking-hoo.

I want to go back to Vegas.

P.S. Amazing job April, many thanks for all of the work you put in.