Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I’m moving to a different work schedule which should be a bit more relaxed…

--Human Head, June 06

Uhhh, yeah, that sort of didn’t happen. Well, the change in work schedule happened it just isn’t any more relaxed, go figure.

Good: I’ve been writing. Bad: The writing has been for work, on my own time. Good: It’s being noticed and is paying off. Bad: I’m likely going to get slapped by a midget and few others when we arrive in Vegas. Each week seems busier than the last, so much so, by the time a day of rest rolls around (default is usually Sunday) I don’t want to touch a PC or see another file that remotely has anything at all to do with Microsoft Office. Time has become the liquid that runs freely off the surface of my life and onto the floor. Can someone grab me a paper towel?

So tonight I said fuckit. I think third shift is gonna make for some good late night insanity. Plus, I’ll likely be awake for any conceivable weekday dial-a-shot. The only downside to that is I have to stay sober at work. ONLY downside? As downsides go, that one is pretty big. This is my third week on third shift and I’m finally getting adjusted to the night life, such as it is when you must spend it working. Thankfully, it’s a 4x10 schedule so the week cruises by pretty fast, and hell, its good training for Vegas.

Oh man, it’s so very close. The fact just hit me today, and I came into work tonight super-pumped (for lack of a more eloquent expression).

We just closed on our new house last week, which is another one of my many excuses for not posting. It’s a hell of an adjustment, paying triple the amount for half the space, but I won’t complain too much about that. Renting these last three months has brought about the determination that I would/will go to the ends of the earth to own rather than rent. Going back to renting, even temporarily, has been, well, fucking retarded and wholly nerve-wracking. Now that closing is done we’re actually doing the work that needs to be done (floors, etc) so it will be nice when we move in at the end of July. Yes, end of July. Repair work and the legal wrangling to break our lease will take every bit of that time.

Except for Vegas. A just in time and well earned relief.

Then there’s the other excuse, World Cup. Every spare moment has been devoted to watching the games I’ve recorded, which is as it should be. After all, it only comes around every four years and is, dare I say, exponentially more entertaining than the Olympics (that could just be me, though :))

That’s it for now, gotta get back to work (after I step out for a smoke). Hope I don’t get waylaid by a Tasmanian crackhead, and yes, it really is a possibility.

I’ve got stories in the pipe. They’re coming, I swear it. One more month should see my liquefied time gelling a bit.