Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Technical Difficulties

It is said that if one is to improve one’s writing, then one should write every day. I’ve been writing every day, unfortunately it hasn’t been here. Plus there’s the added bonus of all the writing being schoolwork, so I’m not really improving anything. This week plus two more will finally end college and what has essentially been two years of constant and useless regurgitation.

Then I will finally have the coveted big size piece of paper with lots of cursive writing on it. People say congratulations, and I loathe myself for acquiescing to the bullshit that says I need it to be worthy.

Okay, maybe that’s a little angsty, but you get the idea. I am slammed with a double load of schoolwork so I can be finished when we leave here, plus working and trying to get all of the little things lined up for the move makes posting nearly impossible, which sucks.

Plus I found out my mother may be dying, and quick. This sucks much worse. I figured I should explain why the writing for the next few weeks may be spotty.

Be back when I can grab some moments.