Saturday, February 11, 2006

Lazy Saturday

First things first...head over and catch up with Glyphic if you haven't already. I don't fit the necessary profile, but if you know or are someone that does fit, please lend him a hand.

I feel bad for not linking that yesterday when I had planned, but I spent the entire day wallowing in self pity while the rest of the world has problems of much greater magnitude.

I'm an ass. What's new?

Friday was entirely wasted as I stared at the phone trying using my formidable force of will to make it sound off with good news. It didn't. However, it didn't sound off with bad news either, leaving me with another weekend of stressed out limbo to deal with. Not knowing is truly a special brand of psychological torture. I hate it because the absence of knowledge about where one stands tends to render a person actionless, not knowing which direction to go. The stasis created feels like small death.

I'm trying not to overstress. Purgatory within purgatory. It will happen the way it's supposed to, or at least that's what I'm trying to believe at the moment. This, along with reading the variety of other unfortunate circumstances happening all around, has me questioning my much beloved concept of destiny. More specifically, the concept of just how much control I have over it. I may try to churn out some thoughts on that later since I'm determined to dedicate the rest of my day to less serious pursuits.

I figure the best way accomplish said pursuits is to put some money down on swingy college hoops and just zone out. TV=the greatest opiate of them all.

Last night brought me 4 for 5 on my progressive NBA parlay, which paid a reasonable 3/1, so I'm happy. I'm rolling that over today and taking Duke -6.5 and a twelve game progressive parlay using my patent-pending dumb girl betting strategy, a combination of who is favored and how heavily plus what I know about who has the prettiest uniforms.

It's cold outside, but the inside of the Head household is warm with cocktails and smoke. As the day progresses, and after a proper fading, I may hit these pages with some more nonsense. Best of luck to everyone in their weekend degenerate endeavors.