Friday, January 20, 2006

Crappy Action Classics

Go check out Absinthe, currently in the top 18—another blogger is about to make a rockin’ score, I can feel it.

Also worth a mention is Garthmeister J, who seems to be tearing up the Stars 180’s. Just great, more tough competition in the WPBT tourneys.

April’s HORSE happens tonight, get signed up if you’re not already! (that reminder was mostly for me)

A few weekends ago, when we were cleaning and getting rid of our useless crap, I found myself working my way through all of our stored videotapes and was again struck by just how much we change over a relatively short period. So many movies that made me exclaim “What the fuck was I thinking?” Time and time again. Sleeping with the Enemy? What? Night at the Roxbury? Who? I’d say that most of my tapes are about 7 years old, and I’ve kept them simply because I planned to transfer all of them to DVD. Of course, this still hasn’t happened.

I hate all of the licensing and IP shenanigans that seem to be taking us all on an insane bullet train to hell, where all of the media conglomerates would like nothing more than to force us to pay multiple times for the exact same thing. The big boys are using the “Death by a Thousand Cuts” method to slowly kill fair use and it makes me kind of nuts on a daily basis.


I did pay for a second time this weekend. I have tapes of all the episodes of Mr. Show with Bob and Dave, and this weekend I found the box set of every season on DVD for $40, so I bought it. I think that the time and effort saved was worth it, and now I see one of my favorite sketch comedy shows all over again with much better quality. All of it has led to a personal quandary, however, because I feel like I just caved on a principle that I think is pretty important.

Or, did I just make a decent logical choice? I don’t want to be (or become) one of those people that spend too much time and effort traveling to the other side of the city just to save .01 on a gallon of gas, knowhutimean?

I’m also considering upgrading my Jean Claude Van-Damme collection of classics if I can find them cheap enough. Someone (marketing execs, listen up here) should develop a line of crappy action cinema box sets. Price them to sell and I’ll likely buy, if for no other reason than simple nostalgia. A Stallone set, with all of the classics like Over the Top and Cobra? Sweet. There would probably be a lot of hate mail from wives everywhere, but hey, we have to put up with the E! channel. Fair is fair.

And I’m still wondering why I have so much pr0n. Oh, I remember. Never mind.