Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Freedom, baby.

At the Head household, the 2005 holidays ended up being a bit lackluster (as holidays are traditionally defined), but upon reflection I can still say it was good. I’m looking at it as a sort of “working holiday.” Why?

We are in full-on “get the fuck out of here” mode.

The leading candidate so far is Phoenix and aside from the breath-stealing price of even lower end houses I am excited at the possibility. Mrs. Head had a promising interview before the break, and it looks like I’ll have one or two coming up shortly. Hip Hop Hooray. Cross your fingers, the Mrs. should be finding out something this week.

So with these possibilities in mind, and while languishing somewhere around the fourth level of shitbox-for-neighbors hell, we decided it was time to begin the pre-move paring down process. We started on Friday with our clothes, and by the end of the day I was ready to punch myself in the face for being such a gluttonous fool. There were clothes that I could only remember wearing one time. There were even some that I purchased and never wore. Shameful. When you’re finding things that you didn’t even remember you had, you have too much stuff.

When the smoke cleared I had donated a few shirts over 7 lawn and leaf bags FULL of clothing. Completely ridiculous, and as you can probably tell by now, I’m still beating myself up about it even though it’s probably going to make quite a few families very happy. Finally poor little Johnny will have that Banana Republic jacket with the Eddie Bauer sweater and Abercrombie pants that will get his rich bastard, MTV-sodden schoolmates off his back for at least a little bit. Yes, I had a few things from Abercrombie. Shut up. I mended my fashion ways several years ago, but I do realize that I should probably get an extra punch in the mouth and/or groin for ever patronizing such a god-awful establishment.

What the hell does this random drivel have to do with anything?

I’m glad you asked.

The paring down of many of my material possessions have made me realize that even though I haven’t sunk nearly as far into rampant consumerism as a large portion of the general mouth-breathing masses, I still found myself deeper than I thought. Yes, buying stuff is cool, and having the ability to buy lots of stuff is something to be thankful for, but damn, I can’t believe I fell so far into that hole.

Good God. Is he ever going to get to the damn point?

Yes, dammit, be patient.

When you’re digging yourself out of a mountain of your own excess, you have plenty of time to think. Of course, in such times my mind will invariably wander over to poker. My game needs to be pared down. I realize that this is one of the reasons I haven’t really overcome the tilt that’s kept me away from the game more than I would like. I buried in a mountain of my own useless poker shit that I don’t use (or don’t need to be using), so over the next few days/weeks I’m going to be paring that down, as well. While the more complex principles are at times appropriate, they are little used, especially with the low-limit animal. It’s time to get back to the bare bones foundation and rebuild the poker house with less lackluster materials.

So here is the point. Get rid of the useless crap. I’m not saying lose everything and live like a celibate, threadbare monk, but if you take a step back and look at your life, your game, whatever, you’ll likely find a lot of useless crap hanging around. Chuck the '05 crapola. Lighten the load for '06. Be free.