Friday, June 17, 2005


So much to blog, so damn little time.

While it certainly doesn’t apply to every single person out there, 2005 still seems to continue being “less than stellar”. Send some well wishes in Iggy’s direction.

That being said, TJ Cloutier’s year seems to have spiked towards the good with a great win in the NL $5K Event. To stay current check out the following:

Tao of Poker, for real-time tournament reporting and updates on an ongoing white-trash apartment dwelling soap opera.

LasVegasVegas, the Poker Prof and FlipChip. In-depth coverage and lots of pictures.

PokerPlayer Newspaper, From the above-mentioned folks, a mish-mash of great poker stuff.

Score another one for the mighty Hollywood PR machine and uber-rich closeted gays everywhere. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are officially engaged, so send your condolences to Pauly. This will indeed be a sad day for him, the love of his life just got hooked into some crazy Scientology juju.

I missed Helixx’s show last night, and I’m highly annoyed. Work and school is seriously cutting into my fun time, it’s just not right. If you didn’t know, he DJ’s and spins kick-ass stuff, so contact him to get on his mailing list for some musical goodness.

Go read the new article by BG. He’s worried it’s not very good. He’s wrong.

More in a little while….